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Video Interviews with people of Bolton who tell stories about their lives and times

Norman Hindley leads the Halliwell History's Reminiscence group. Each month he researches and gives a talk on a topic decided by the group. During the talks he's often interrupted by people telling an anecdote or making a correction. Here he talks about recycling and salvage in Bolton in the past.

Terry Higginson remembers a time when there were over 20 cinemas in Bolton. In particular he talks about the Gem and what happened there.

Located in the north of the city at the corner of Darley Street and Shepherds Cross Street. The Gem Picturedrome was opened on 1st July 1912. It was designed by architect H. Booth and opened with 1,497 seats (some being long padded benches). Around 1930 it was re-named Gem Cinema, it closed in 1959.

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Jane Entwistle tells stories of Bolton cinemas, doing the Twist and how the music groups of the day, such as the Small Faces and Jimi Hendrix, appeared at the Odeon.. Also, she tells us about a trip to Rivington Barn to see the Pink Floyd in 1966.

Alan Rigby tells us stories from his early life in the 40s and 50s. He remembers Darcy Lever train station, train spotting at Bolton station and other stories and the 11 plus.

Michael Warren talks about: his father, his brother and uncle, apprenticeships and the cinema in the 20th century

Norman Hindley talks about some of the 22 Bolton cinemas particularly the Bell. He mentions peashooters, sweet shops, cheap cigarettes and tripe.

Norman hindley tells stories about Laurel and Hardy, the Ink Spots and other stars visiting Bolton. He also talks about some local characters including Jimmy Clean Clogs and the Bradshawgate Basher.


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